A Tapestry of Stories

Enjoy these stories of immigration, womanhood, and activism. If you’d like to contribute your own, you can do so here.

The Birthing of an Asian American Agency | Sharon Cebula
In 1995, four professional women, all immigrants from Southeast Asia, saw neighbors and clients in their community in northeast Ohio struggling to assimilate to American culture.

RE: The Pull of the Homeland | Adam
It has been almost thirty years since I left my homeland and I first went back for a visit after fourteen years from the time of my departure. Years have felt like minutes and the definition of one’s identity is a topic I debated for so long and such depth that I see myself as an expert on the subject without any formal credentials.

Global Citizenry | Teboho Moja
I love being a global citizen. My daughter Tumi once said, she does not want to be a citizen of one country but a citizen of the world. I am living her dream.

Reconstructed Identity | Nathaniel Bowler
My wife has lived in the United States now longer than she did in her native country. The accent has faded, but not entirely. The roots are still deep, and they always will be.

The Pull of the Homeland | Alexandra Hidalgo
I have lived in the States longer than in my country of origin. I came here as a teenager, young enough to be shaped by what I was experiencing here at a very formative level. And yet, it is my homeland that defines me more than the States.