Why Organize a Screening?

Vanishing Borders provides an in-depth and personal look at immigration from the perspective of those who leave their countries behind and of those in the host country who interact with immigrants. The film is also an empowering portrayal of what women can accomplish through courage, determination, and the support of those around them. The richness and emotional impact of the stories allow audiences to connect Vanishing Borders to their own life experience, leading to profound discussions about the topics explored by the film. Whether the screening is attended by 5 or 500 people, it will help audiences better develop and articulate their opinions about such paramount issues as immigration and women’s rights.

Who Can Organize a Screening?

Anyone can! We encourage people to open their homes to family, friends, and neighbors and share Vanishing Borders with them. The film is well suited for organizations and groups working in the areas of immigration, racial equality, and women’s and human rights. Check out our community screenings page for more information.The documentary is also ideal for high school and college students. Whether the screening takes place as part of a course or as an event sponsored by different programs and departments, Vanishing Borders is perfectly suited for educational settings. On our classroom screenings page, we provide information on particular courses the film is well suited for. Whether you’re organizing a personal, community or an educational screening, visit screening sources for sample discussion questions about the film.

Will the Filmmakers Participate in Screenings?

Absolutely. Contact us if you’re thinking of organizing a screening. Depending on when the screening takes place, director and producer Alexandra Hidalgo or producer and director of photography Shanele Alvarez are available to join post-screening discussions. For some geographical locations, Alexandra or Shanele may be able to attend in person, for others they can participate through video chat. Contact us to coordinate logistics and availability.

How Do I Get the Word Out About a Screening?

If you contact us with details about your screening, we’ll post it on this website’s Screenings page and announce it on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.