How Do I Organize a Community Screening?

Contact us  if you’re thinking of organizing a screening. Because our aim is for the film to reach as many community members as possible, we will do our best to support your screening. Depending on location by joining the screening or skyping in afterwards. We can also send you 10 customized black and white screening posters free of charge and a digital color poster to help you get the word out about your screening.

Regardless of whether the filmmakers are present at screenings, organizers should consider having a panel or a discussion moderator after the film. Panelists do not need to be experts but should be people who can relate to the topics discussed—women, immigrants, people who have close relations with immigrants, activists.

How Do I Lead a Post-Screening Discussion?

The organizer should let audiences know before screening the film that they are invited to participate in the discussion that will take place at the end. You can visit our Screening Resources  page for sample discussion questions. If the discussion is led by the moderator, s/he should name some themes s/he wants to address and ask the audience open-ended questions. If a panel is present, each panelist can make short remarks about the film and then invite the audience to ask questions or to make comments that the panelists will respond to. Panelists can also ask questions of the audience and other panelists. The key is to keep the discussion flowing and to make everyone feel like they can join the conversation at any point.

Here is a short video about our community screening at the Akron-Summit County Public Library: